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  • Pinotage

    Vondellling Bowwood Pinotage Red 750Ml

    Ksh 8,070
  • Chardonnay

    Nederburg Chardonnay 750Ml

    Ksh 1,900
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  • Cachaka  Pitu 1Ltr
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    Cachaka  Pitu 1Ltr
    Pitu Is A Brazilian Spirit Made From Pure Sugar Cane. Only The Sugar-Cane Juice From The First Pressings Is Used For Export. This Juice Contains The Fresh, Pure Taste. A Maturing Process Of Several Weeks In A Wooden Vat Allows This Taste To Unfold Completely.

    Ksh 2,500
  • Cachaka Rum 70Cl
    Cachaka Rum 70Cl
    Brazil - The Most Popular Distilled Alcoholic Beverage In Brazil. Distilled From Fermented Sugarcane Juice (Also Called Garapa). Since, 1543, When The Process Was Developed Near The Port Of Santos, Sao Paulo.