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  • Pinotage

    Vondellling Bowwood Pinotage Red 750Ml

    Ksh 8,070
  • Chardonnay

    Nederburg Chardonnay 750Ml

    Ksh 1,900
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  • Bavaria Ginger Lime 50CL
    AvailableOnline only
    Bavaria Ginger Lime 50CL
    Bavaria 0.0% Ginger Lime Malt is a non-alcoholic malt drink with a refreshing lime flavor and a hint of spicy ginger. Where the sharp ginger leaves you with a small sparkle, the sweet lime flavor is a true refresher. This exciting blend of citrus fruit flavor and spice serves the perfect thirst quencher.

    Ksh 2,820
  • bavaria orginal
    AvailableOnline only
    bavaria orginal
    Brewed with the best natural ingredients and natural mineral water from Bavarias own spring. With a pleasant aftertaste with a grain,like sweetness and refreshing bite.

    Ksh 140
  • Bavaria-Apple 50CL
    AvailableOnline only
    Bavaria-Apple 50CL
    Bavaria 0.0% Apple Malt is a non-alcoholic malt drink with a pleasant, natural freshness of apples. Without being too sweet, this malt drink focuses on the flavour of real apples and it has a sparkling body. Light, refreshing and deliciously fruity.

    Ksh 140