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    Vondellling Bowwood Pinotage Red 750Ml

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  • Aop Languedoc Cht Arcades Med Red 750ML

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  • Glenfiddich 12yrs 375Ml
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    Single Malt
    Glenfiddich 12yrs 375Ml
    Glenfiddich 12 Year Single Malt is matured for at least 12 years in American bourbon and Spanish sherry oak casks

    Ksh 2,500
  • Glenfiddich 12Yrs 750Ml
    Single Malt
    Glenfiddich 12Yrs 750Ml
    Glenfiddich 12 Year Old Is Deliberately Developed In The Best American Whiskey And Spanish Sherry Oak Cask For No Less Than 12 Years, After Which It Is Mellowed In Oak Wedding Tuns For An Complete Harmony In Smell And Flavor.

  • Glenfiddich 15Yo 200Ml
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    Single Malt
    Glenfiddich 15Yo 200Ml
    full and fruity nose, with delicate honey and vanilla notes. The taste is elegantly smooth, with a deep flavour that reveals fruit, gentle spice and a touch of oak. The finish is long and satisfying.

    Ksh 1,720
  • Glenfiddich 15Yrs 1Ltr
    Single Malt
    Glenfiddich 15Yrs 1Ltr
    Exemplifying Our FamilyS Tradition Of Innovation, Our 15 Year Old Expression Is Created Using A Technique Pioneered By Our Malt Master And Its Warm, Spicy Flavours Are Transformed With The Alchemy Of The Solera Vat.

    Ksh 11,875
  • Glenfiddich 15Yrs 75Cl
    Single Malt
    Glenfiddich 15Yrs 75Cl
    Exemplifying Our Family’S Tradition Of Innovation, Our 15 Year Old Expression Is Created Using A Technique Pioneered By Our Malt Master And Its Warm, Spicy Flavours Are Transformed With The Alchemy Of The Solera Vat.

    Ksh 10,400
  • Glenfiddich 15Yrs Distillery 1ltr
    AvailableOnline only
    Single Malt
    Glenfiddich 15Yrs Distillery 1ltr
    A higher strength single malt Scotch Whiskey, crafted with our century-old traditions. After at least 15 years maturing in traditional American oak and Spanish oak, it is non-chill filtered to protect its subtle flavours. Unique floral and peppery notes are released and a sweet, velvet, warm finish.

    Ksh 11,200
  • Glenfiddich 18Yo 200Ml
    AvailableOnline only
    Single Malt
    Glenfiddich 18Yo 200Ml
    An elegant nose, faintly sweet, scented with apple and wood. Glenfiddich 18yo is a robust and full-bodied single malt whisky, yet remains remarkably soft, rounded and long lasting.

    Ksh 2,400
  • Glenfiddich 18Yrs 750Ml
    Glenfiddich 18Yrs 750Ml
    An Elegant Nose, Faintly Sweet, Scented With Apple And Wood. Glenfiddich 18Yo Is A Robust And Full Bodied Single Malt Whiskey, Yet Remains Remarkably Soft, Rounded And Long Lasting.

    Ksh 15,000
  • Glenfiddich 19Yrs 700Ml
    AvailableOnline only
    Single Malt
    Glenfiddich 19Yrs 700Ml
    The Glenfiddich Age of Discovery range is released just to the travel retail market until 2012 when the 19 year Old Madeira Cask was released to to the UK retail market to great excitement and applause. However this meant that Glenfiddich needed a new Age of Discovery bottling to replace the excellent Madeira cask, so here we have it – the Bourbon cask a fantastic follow-up that delivers as strongly as its older brother.

    Ksh 28,000
  • Glenfiddich 23Yrs Grand Cru 70cl
    Single Malt
    Glenfiddich 23Yrs Grand Cru 70cl
    glenfiddich 23 years grand cru is classfied as a whisky and belongs to the single-malt sub category.

    Ksh 42,450
  • Glenfiddich 25Yrs 700Ml
    Single Malt
    Glenfiddich 25Yrs 700Ml
    Originating from the wine region of Speyside in Scotland, The Glenfiddich Single Malt is produced as a complex flavoured whisky by aging it for about 25 years in American bourbon barrels & Spanish Sherry butts. It contains a balanced blend of fresh fruity notes and tasty vanilla with some traces of aromatic spices.

    Ksh 47,500
  • Glenfiddich 26Yrs 70Cl
    Single Malt
    Glenfiddich 26Yrs 70Cl
    A rare and aged single malt Scotch whisky that has spent 26 long years carefully maturing in American Oak ex-bourbon casks. This expression was created to honour Glenfiddichs line of continuous family ownership since William Grant founded our distillery in 1887.

    Ksh 80,200
  • Glenfiddich 30Yrs 70Cl
    Single Malt
    Glenfiddich 30Yrs 70Cl
    An exceptional expression that has spent at least 30 years in Spanish Oloroso and American bourbon oak. Every cask nosed, selected and married by our Malt Master. For the finest balance of hearty oak and honeyed warmth. A 30 Year Old with deep, layered flavours and a masterful finish.

    Ksh 116,250
  • Glenfiddich IPA Experiment 700Ml
    Single Malt
    Glenfiddich IPA Experiment 700Ml
    Discover the IPA Experiment from Glenfiddich, the first single malt Scotch whisky ever finished in IPA craft beer casks, for our bold Experimental Series.

  • Glenfiddich Project XX 700Ml
    Single Malt
    Glenfiddich Project XX 700Ml
    20 of the whisky industrys most exceptional minds came together to create this truly unique, pioneering single malt expression. With its deep golden hue, Project XX embodies the warm, fruity character of a classic Glenfiddich whisky with hints of apple blossom, summer fruits and ripe pear ...

    Ksh 10,000
  • Glenfiddich Reserve Cask 1Ltr
    Glenfiddich Reserve Cask 1Ltr
    A rich single malt matured in specially reserved sherry casks that are brought together in our unique Cask Collection Solera vat, producing this exceptionally deep and mellow whisky. To create Reserve Cask, hand-selected Glenfiddich whiskies are matured in specially reserved sherry casks.

  • Glenfiddich Select Cask 1ltr
    Single Malt
    Glenfiddich Select Cask 1ltr
    The Select Cask,is created from whisky aged in Bourbon, European oak and Californian red wine casks to accentuate the fruity distillery character, and as such has notes of ripe fruit, juicy raisins and a hint of spice.

  • Glenfiddich Whiskey 18YO 1LT
    AvailableOnline only
    Single Malt
    Glenfiddich Whiskey 18YO 1LT
    Glenfiddich Whiskey 18YO 1LT

    Ksh 11,900


Glenfiddich is a Speyside single malt Scotch whisky owned and produced by William Grant & Sons in Dufftown, Scotland.

Glenfiddich is the world's best-selling single-malt whisky and also the most awarded at the International Spirits Challenge.

Glenfiddich gives The 12, 15, 18, 21-year and other aged varieties.

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