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  • Corona Extra 355Ml Case
    Corona Extra 355Ml Case
    Is a pale lager produced by Mexican brewery Cervecería Modelo and owned by Belgian company AB InBev. It is commonly served with a wedge of lime or lemon in the neck of the bottle to add tartness and flavour. 24 piece in a case

  • Desparado Case 330Ml
    Desparado Case 330Ml
    Desperados Is The Worlds First Tequila Flavoured Beer Available In A Case Of 2

  • Guinness Cans 6 Pack
    Guinness Cans 6 Pack
    The best way to drink Guinness at home

  • Guinness Smooth 500Ml
    AvailableOnline only
    Guinness Smooth 500Ml
    Made from hops and roasted barley with a touch of local flavours, the company describes the drink to have a uniquely smooth and refreshing taste. ... With the coffee and rich notes from the roasted barley marrying with a fruity, butterscotch flavour from the brewing process, Guinness Smooth is truly unique.

    Ksh 1,200
  • Heineken Beer Case 330Ml
    Heineken Beer Case 330Ml
    Feel And Enjoy Wherever You Are A True Touch Of Class With A Cold Can Of Heineken, The Refreshing Taste That Is Kept Safe From Light And Air. Be Reassured The Can Saves The Balanced Richness In Taste, The Refreshing Clarity And A Beautiful Golden-Yellow Colour Inside.

  • Hunters Dry 300Ml
    AvailableOnline only
    Hunters Dry 300Ml
    hunters dry is a beer that belongs to Hunters family. It is classified as cider-beer and is produced in South Africa. hunters dry has 5.5% ABV (Alcohol By Volume).

    Ksh 4,800
  • Leffe Blond  330Ml
    Leffe Blond 330Ml
    Leffe Blonde Is A Top Fermented Ale, Which Combines Wonderful Malt Characteristics With A Spicy, Cidery Flavour. A Surprisingly Easy To Drink Strong Beer, That Has A Beautiful Yellow-Gold Colour, A Full Body And A Subtle, Aromatic Flavour.

  • PERONI 330ML
    AvailableOnline only
    PERONI 330ML
    Peroni is a Italian liquor classified as lager beers. It contains 5.1% ABV (alcohol by volume)

    Ksh 4,600
  • Pilsner Lager Can 500Ml 6 Pack
    Pilsner Lager Can 500Ml 6 Pack
    A pale lager termed a Pilsner may have a very light, clear colour from pale to golden yellow, with varying levels of hop aroma and flavour. The alcohol strength of beers termed Pilsner vary but are typically around 4.5%–5% (by volume).

  • Pilsner Lager Cans 6 Pack
    Pilsner Lager Cans 6 Pack
     style of brewing is inspired by the original process of brewing

    AvailableOnline only
    Savanna Dry is produced from crushed apples grown in the Elgin Valley of the fertile Western Cape, and it is described as a clear, refreshing and dry tasting cider. ... Savanna Dry is the first cider produced by Savanna and contains an alcohol level of 6% ABV.

    Ksh 5,700
  • Smirnoff Guarana Black 6 Pack
    Ksh 1,200
  • Smirnoff ICE Guarana 6 Pack
    Smirnoff ICE Guarana 6 Pack
    Smirnoff Ice Double Black with Guarana is a strong 5.5% blend of Smirnoff Vodka with a citrus mixer and a hit of Guarana for that extra boost

  • Stella Artois 330Ml
    Stella Artois 330Ml
    Stella Artois Is A Belgian Pilsner Lager With The Distinctive Taste Of Saaz Hops And Golden In Colour. A Beautifully Balanced, Full-Flavoured Premium Lager With A Pronounced Hoppy Bitterness And A Crisp, Clean And Refreshing Finish.

  • Tusker Cider Cans 6 Pack
    Tusker Cider Cans 6 Pack
    Tusker Cider is a deliciously crisp, premium-crafted and refreshing drink created from fresh apples, perfectly balanced for a drinking experience

  • Tusker Lager Cans 6 Pack
    Tusker Lager Cans 6 Pack
    Grab your 6-pack of Tusker Lager today. Best consumed at 3 - 5 degrees Celsius. Store in a cool, dry place

  • Tusker Lite Cans 6 Pack
    Tusker Lite Cans 6 Pack
    Lite Lager in 6-pack of cans of 500ml. Best consumed at 3 - 5 degrees Celsius

  • Tusker Premium Ale Can 6 pack 500ML
    AvailableOnline only
    Tusker Premium Ale Can 6 pack 500ML
    Tusker Premium Ale Can 500ML 6 pack

    Ksh 1,550
  • White Cap Lager Can 6 Pack
    White Cap Lager Can 6 Pack
    Boasting of consistent quality,unique and full of character